A Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a ministry-approved specialized secondary school program that has a focus on a specific economic sector. The ICT Comm Tech SHSM at Maxwell Heights is a SHSM stream that allows students to focus on building skills for career paths in various media industries. This program is a good option for students considering careers in Computer Graphics, Graphic Design, Video Production, Audio Production, Animation, Photography, Broadcast Journalism, Web Design, and similar areas.


As a member of the SHSM program, students will choose courses that are relevant to their pathway, learn through Cooperative Education experiences, participate in industry-relevant certifications and training, and attend a variety of reach-ahead and experiential learning opportunities outside of the regular classroom. Upon completion of the SHSM, students receive a red seal on their diploma. 

Check out what some students have to say about their experiences with ICT SHSM: